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In just a few short years, FS Distribution has risen to prominence in the distribution of black and white photographic materials. With the abrupt market shift to digital imaging that has occurred in the photographic market over the last several years, the need for a focused and dedicated supplier of black and white traditional materials was not only necessary but vital for the continued preservation of this classic art form. Through its distribution efforts FSD has separated itself from its competition by making abundantly clear its aggresive commitment - and ability - to go the extra mile to meet the needs of its customers, regardless of size or volume.

In order to fulfill these philosophies, FS Distribution has moved decisively to ensure the success of manufacturer, dealer and customer. On the supply end, FSD has minimized the exit of major players in the field--such as Kodak, Agfa, and Forte--by introducing the products of several successful overseas manufacturers to the U.S. market. These products include Kentmere black and white papers and liquid emulsions from England (suitable for regular and lith printing); high-quality Foma papers and films from the Czech Republic; Efke papers and films from Croatia; Holga 120 size plastic cameras and accessories from China; Fotospeed premium chemistry and toners from England; Rollei/Maco unique films from Germany; LegacyPro darkroom thermometers and accesories; and most recently, Slavich single weight and double weight fiber-based graded papers from Russia.

21st Century Distribution: A "win-win-win" proposition for the entire photographic supply chain... manufacturer-dealer-customer!

FS Distribution places orders with their manufacturer/partners that are consistent with the manufacturer's production capabilities, rather than the inefficient ordering patterns of the now obsolete previous methods of distribution. Then - to benefit the dealer - FS Distribution's 21st Century Distribution Business Model streamlined the entire supply channel from manufacturer to dealer in a way that has helped everyone not just survive, but flourish. This creation of a whole new model of distribution to the dealer, one that addresses the realities of today's business, allows even the smallest retailer to keep track of sales and promotions. FS Distribution introduced its revolutionary order-what-you-need-when-you-need-it policy to make the one-piece price exactly the same as the pallet price. No more bloated inventories and inflated accounts receivable.

FS Distribution also insures that the spirit of the cooperation continues down to the darkroom consumer. Understanding the needs and wants of the dealer is paramount in FS Distribution's innovative approach. The unique part of this new system lies in the fact that it works just as well, just as efficiently and just as profitably for the small dealer as it does the biggest dealer. For FS Distribution, it's all about servicing the customer so that the darkroom user has consistent, reliable and affordable supply.