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Fotospeed WA50 Wash Aid - 1 Liter

Model #705230

Fotospeed WA50 Wash Aid is specifically designed to speed the removal of fixing agents from the fibers of the paper.

Dilutes 1+9 to make a working strength solution.

After fully fixing the print, wash in running water for 5 mins. Then soak print in a tray of WA50 working solution for 10 mins with intermittent agitation. Return print to running water for a final 5 mins then remove print to dry. Total washing time is 20 mins for all fixer to be removed. 1 Liter of working solution will treat approx. 40 - 8 x10 fiber based prints.

Similar to Ilford Wash Aid or Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent.

Fotospeed WA50 Wash Aid - 1 Liter