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Fotospeed LD20 Lith Developer - 500 ml

Model #702420

Lith printing, using selected B&W papers, offers the printmaker unusual and unique effects unlike the results achieved by toning. This is a creative tool that does not require a "lith" negative. The color of the finished image is largely determined by a combination of the printing paper, the length of the exposure and the developing time. Rarely is a print left in the developer for the full processing time. The length of development of the image is determined by pulling the print as soon as the desired density in the shadow area of the print is visible in the tray. Anything from a subtle peach color, through a greenish brown to a cold black is obtainable depending on the paper used. Success with this process is very dependant on the printmaker's tenacity and experience gained only through trial and error. The instructions that accompany the Lith developer are very detailed and encourage experimentation. Fotospeed Lith developer is supplied as a two part liquid concentrate that is combined into a single working solution. 

*Recommended Dilution for Lith Printing 1:12 or greater.

*Recommended Dilution for processing Litho Film 1:3 as directed on box.


Fotospeed LD20 Lith Developer - 500 ml