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LegacyPro L110R B&W Liquid Film Developer Replenisher - 1 Pint (Makes 1 Gallon)

Model #10191

LegacyPro black & white processing chemicals have been developed with the same or similar formulations as Kodak chemicals!

LegacyPro L110R Developer Replenisher is used to replenish L110 Film Developer, when being used in replenishment tank systems. It extends the life of this very concentrated and versatile chemical. Use of L110R and L110 provide equivalent results to HC-110R and HC-110, but L110R can not be used to replenish HC-110 solutions.

To prepare a replenisher stock solution, pour the contents (16 ounces) of the replenisher concentrate into a mixing container that holds at least 1 gallon. Add enough water to bring the total volume 1 gallon. Stir the solution until it is uniform. You can store the replenisher stock solution at 65 to 75°F for up to 6 months in a full, tightly closed bottle, or up to 2 months in a half-full, tightly closed bottle.

When ready to replenish the tank developer stock solution, prepare replenisher working solution by diluting the replenisher stock solution with water (or not, as is the case with Diltuion "A"). 

 - Dilution "A" Working Solution -  1 part replenish stock solution; 0 part water

 - Dilution "B" Working Solution -  2 part replenish stock solution; 1 part water

Replenishment Rate Add 22 mL (3⁄4 fluid ounce) of replenisher working solution for each 8 x 10 sheet, 135-36 roll, or 120 roll (or equivalent) processed. 

Note that LegacyPro L110 does not have the same yellow color or viscosity as Kodak HC110. 

LegacyPro L110R B&W Liquid Film Developer Replenisher - 1 Pint (Makes 1 Gallon)