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In general

FOMALUX is a black-and-white photographic paper on a resin-coated (RC) paper base, designed especially for use in portrait photography and similar applications. FOMALUX is characterized by a rich halftone scale, soft reproduction of lights and saturated blacks. Regarding a low speed of the silver chloride emulsion used, the paper is designed primarily for contact work, it can be, however, used as an enlargement paper as well. In this case the exposure should be extended approx. 30 times in comparison with Fomaspeed-type papers.

FOMALUX is produced in one contrast grade: special (Sp) in one surface: matt (312).


FOMALUX is available in the 12.7 x 17.8 cm (5 x 7 in) size. Other sizes are subject of an agreement with the manufacturer.

Fomalux Relative Spectral Sensitivity Curve Fomalux Sensitometric Curve Fomalux Technical Data Curve


FOMALUX should be handled and processed under green, orange or red safelighting using filters (e.g. Ilford 902, Osram Duka 50, Durst Sanat, Kodak OC, Agfa G7, Agfa Y7J etc.) in combination with a 15 Watt lamp. Direct light must be diffused by inserting a matt glass.


FOMALUX can be processed both manually in trays and automatically in developing machines. Suitable are common neutral-working or contrastworking developers. The resulting image tone is influenced by developers used.

Manual processing in trays

Processing step Processing bath Time Temperature (°C)
Development Fomatol LQN (1+7) 60-90 sec. 20
Stopping 2 % acetic acid 10-20 sec. 20
or Fomacitro (1+19) 10-20 sec. 20
Fixing Fomafix (1 + 5) 30-60 sec. 20
Fomafix P 60-90 sec. 20
Washing running water 3 min. above 12
5 min. below 12

Machine processing in developing machines

Processing step Processing bath Time Temperature (°C)
Development Fomatol LQN (1+4) 25-35 sec. 30
Stopping 2 % acetic acid 10-20 sec. -
or Fomacitro (1+19) 10-20 sec. -
Fixing Fomafix (1 + 5) 25-35 sec. 30
Fomafix P 60-90 sec. 20
Washing running water 60 sec. 30


FOMALUX can be toned using the Fomatone Sepia two-bath toner by which a yellow-brown image tone can be obtained. In this case the temperature of the toning bath is not as relevant as with Fomaspeed-type photopapers. The prints should be mildly overexposed for toning. A blue tone can be obtained using the Fomatoner Indigo Set. The resulting image tone depends on dilution, temperature and toning time.


FOMALUX should be stored in an intact original packaging in a dry, cold place (temperature of up to 20 °C and relative humidity ranging from 30 to 50 %), out of reach of harmful vapours, gases and ionizing radiation.