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Since 1989, Fotospeed has supplied the fine-art photographic market with hard-to-find darkroom products. Their chemistry and toners are considered to be among the very best on the market, and to this day they remain the only manufacturer of true "lith" paper. Their alternative process kits have also proved to be extremely popular tools in introducing modern photographers to classic techniques like cyanotype, argyrotype, bromoil and salt printing. Fotospeed: the modern approach to a classic art form.

Fotospeed B&W Chemistry is designed to be second to none and we believe they have accomplished this.

The Fotospeed name is synonymous with toning. Palette toner is the latest addition to our extensive range and introduces a whole new dimension to the creative world of photographic toning. All our toning products are made from the highest grade of raw materials to ensure the very best and consistent results.

Fotospeed color chemistry is innovative and delivers excellent results. We have introduced some unique and clever products to our color portfolio which feature performance, efficiency, and longevity. Considerable research and development has gone into Fotospeed color chemicals recently and we are now proud to say that we have a range of color chemistry to suit virtually every application.

Photographic processes which we know today have evolved over many years from the skills and experimentation of many famous and some less well known Masters of the Art. The photographic processes which these Masters developed, utilised many different types of light sensitive media to reproduce a negative image into a positive form. Evocative names such as Cyanotype, Bromoil and Palladium are some of the first principals of the photographer's and printer's art. Fotospeed are committed to pursuing the path of the old processes.