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CKRA4/RT MONO RA4 Room Temperature

MONO RA4 Print Processing chemistry, with room temperature processing of 60secs development and bleachfixation at 20°C(68°F). MONO concentrate means single solution Developer and Bleachfix concentrates, which makes dilution clean and simple. The active ingredients are in powder form in the concentrate which extends the keeping properties of the concentrate and the active life of the working solution. Shaking the bottle before mixing puts the ingredients into suspension to enable partial mixing of the concentrate.


Dilute concentrates 1+4 to make volume required. Each litre of working solution will process at least 3 sq metres of material (60 sheets of 8x10) unreplenished and without any filtration or exposure alterations. Alternatively the solutions can be replenished. Processing between 18°C(64.5°F) to 25°C(77°F). At 18°C(64.5°F) processing time 90secs and at 25°C(77°F) 30secs. This allows color processing to be done in processing dishes at room temperature.

The chemistry is odor less.

When using Novas and Printos set to 22°C(72°F) for 45sec processing.

Once diluted with water the active ingredients go into solution and do not settle out again.