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The Holga is the world-famous plastic camera that has taken America by storm. Every year, thousands of new customers discover this inexpensive medium-format camera and the stunning, art-house style pictures it can produce. Known for its soft-focus, often dream-like images, the Holga's easy operation is the perfect way to introduce someone to the world of medium-format photography.

This camera's astounding success has bred an entire line of accessories for it, including two flashes, a cable release, a 35mm panoramic adapter, a fish-eye lens, three sets of special effects filters and a Polaroid film back! Holga: proven success in the past... and undoubtable success in the future.

Holga Film

Two great films approved by the Holga Factory:


This 400 speed black and white film is ideal for the surrealistic effects and unique imagery of the Holga camera. 24 exposures.


Hi-speed 640 color film is ideal for low-light situations and super cool grainy effects.

Development Info and Times
Holga Camera

Holga medium format cameras have a near fanatical following of professionals, educators, and artists. But for those not familiar with the camera and its unique abilities, a Holga is largely an enigma. This does not dissuade people from buying the camera. In fact, the Holga mystique draws people to it.

Holga Filters

Holga offers many accesories and unique products to take your creativity further. Filters, light refracting prisms and masking frames makes the possible results endless!

The colored filter set includes red, yellow, blue, and green filters and can be used to create bold, vibrant images or adjust the tonality of black and white photographs. In true Holga fashion, there is no contrast or color-correction numbers on the filters.