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Holga Camera Bag

This camera bag has been custom designed to fit your Holga or Woca camera. It measures 5.5" Length, 7" Height and is 2.5" Deep. Features a flap top with Velcro padded bottom divider for flash storage, 2 side pouches with hooded velcro top cover, front zippered pouch with elastic mesh pocket and detachable shoulder strap. Weighs 10 ounces and comes in Black nylon material.

Can also be used as a camera bag for any point and shoot or small 35mm camera.

Holga Enlarger Negative Carrier Set (Replacement)

Complete replacement negative carrier set for use only with Holga Enlarger Item #141120, #142120 or #143120

Holga Lens/Filter Holder

Finally! An easy way to use filters with your Holga. This adapter slips easily over the lens of your Holga or Woca camera and stays firmly in place. No glue, hooks or tape needed. Specially designed filters slide easily into place. Expand your Holga universe and spur your creativity with this incredible adapter. (Filters sold separately.)

Available filters sets:

  • Color Filter Set
  • Soft Surround Filter Set
  • Split Image Lens Set

Holga Color Filter Set

The colored filter set includes red, yellow, blue, and green filters and can be used to create bold, vibrant images or adjust the tonality of black and white photographs. In true Holga fashion, there is no contrast or color-correction numbers on the filters.

Must be used with Holga Lens/Filter Holder, sold separately.

Image shown with Holga camera and Lens/Filter Holder not included

Holga Soft Surround Filter Set

With a clear center, each of these four filters have a specially designed pattern designed to enhance the Holga's natural focus vignetting. Drawing the eye toward the center of an image, these filters are excellent for a unique documentary, portrait and fine art style images. Set includes 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue, and 1 neutral density filter in soft surround.

Image shown with Holga camera and Lens/Filter Holder not included

Holga Split Image Filter Lens Set

See the world in new ways with this three-lens set designed especially for the Holga camera and the Holga Lens & Filter Holder. Each lens in this set will surprise and please any photographer as it splits, repeats and blends in totally unique ways. Set includes 1 - four-facet lens with center-focus, 1 - three-facet vertical lens and 1 - three facet pyramid lens.

Holga Holgon MF Flash

The Holga Holgon MF flash is designed with new model Holga cameras in mind. It fits on a standard hot shoe mount and is as standard flash unit with built-in multiple flash capability and bounce feature.

Two flash modes available:

SF Mode (Standard Single Flash Mode)
each time the unit is triggered, either by means of the TEST button, via sync cord or hotshoe, the Holgon MF will flash only once.

MF Mode - (Multiple Flash Mode)

This mode is to be used with the "B" exposure setting of the new model Holga camera. Each time the flash unit is activated, it will fire at the rate of approximately two flashes per second during the whole period of the "B" setting exposure from the time when the shutter is released unitl it is closed again. Enables a series of images captured on a single frame.

You can also use the bounce head to soften shadows.

Guide number ISO 100, meter is 6.5.

Guide number ISO 100, feet is 21.

Uses 4 AA batteries, not included

Holga 35 AFX 35mm Camera

From the same factory that manufactures the famous Holga 120 series of cameras, now comes the Holga 35mm family of cameras. The Holga 35mm AFX, Featuring a unique image quality all its own but with features galore plus the ease of use of 35mm film. This camera features a 38mm f/3.8 lens with infrared autofocus (3 ft. to infinity), senses DX coding on 100 & 400 ISO film, automatic film load/auto-advance/auto-rewind, built-in pop-up flash with low-light signal,and interlock shutter release to prevent accidental exposure.

Includes a carry strap and plastic camera case.

(Uses two "AA" batteries, not included.)

Add to your Holga collection today!

Limited Quantity Available!

Holga Masking Frame for 6x6 cm (12 exp.) for Holga Cameras

The 6x6 cm (12 exp.) masking frame for older Holgas that didn't come with it or just a replacement mask for your new Holga that you might have lost.

Holga Masking Frame for 6x6 cm (12 exp.) for Holga Cameras

The 6x6 cm (12 exp.) masking frame for older Holgas that didn't come with it or just a replacement mask for your new Holga that you might have lost.

Holga Masking Frame for 6x4.5 cm (16 exp.) for Holga Cameras

The 6x4.5 cm (16 exp.) replacement masking frame for your Holga camera.

35mm Film Adaptor Kit for Holga Cameras

This 35mm Film Adaptor Kit allows you to use 35mm film in any Holga 120 medium format camera. Easy to follow instructions get you started quickly.

The kit includes a plastic insert that replaces your existing battery cover/120 insert with one that guides 35mm film through the camera and a solid back without red window.

Special Note: In order to remove 35mm film from your Holga camera after it has been exposed you must use a changing bag or go in to a light tight darkroom!

(Holga camera shown for illustration purposes only. Not included with kit.)

Holga Shutter Release Set

A must have for every Holga camera! This custom adapter fits snugly over the lens of your Holga camera allowing you to use a cable release. It also does not interfere with the new features of the Holga 120N, FN or CFN including tripod mount and Bulb setting switch.

Holga Shutter Release Set comes with shutter release adapter and premium 12 inch shutter release cable with auto lock/unlock mechanism.

Premium 12 inch Cable Release with Vinyl Sheath

Premium 12 inch Cable Release with Vinyl Sheath and auto/lock unlock mechanism.

Holga Filter System for 35mm Point & Shoot and Digital Cameras (Not for use on Holga camera)

The Holga Filter System includes an adjustable filter holder that mounts to the tripod socket on the bottom of your camera and the complete set of Holga filters including Split image filters, color filters, and soft spot color filters.

Add instant pizzaz to your photos with these easy-to-use filters.

Fisheye Lens for Holga 120 Cameras

This Fisheye lens expands your creativity with the Holga camera. Attaches to the front of your Holga with a custom adapter ring. Features 1cm - Infinity focus. Focal length of 25.2 mm with 60° angle of view. Lens has three group with 3 elements. Includes mounting ring for use with Holga and an additional one for use when using the Polaroid back for the Holga camera. You can also use this fisheye lens with any available 46mm step up ring.

Special Note: Not recommended for use with built-in flash of Holga 120FN or 120 CFN as the lens may vignette the flash. Also we recommend using 400 iso film when using fisheye lens.

Replacement Diopter for Polaroid Back for Holga camera

Replacement Diopter for Polaroid Back for Holga camera (Holgaroid).

Holga Manual Electronic Flash

The perfect accessory for your Holga 120S or Woca 120G camera. This manual flash features a guide number of 22 using meters, a guide number of 72 using feet, recycle time of 6 to 8 seconds, includes PC cord for use withother cameras and locking ring on hot shoe mount. Uses four AA batteries, not included.