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The Holga is the world-famous plastic camera that has taken America by storm. Every year, thousands of new customers discover this inexpensive medium-format camera and the stunning, art-house style pictures it can produce. Known for its soft-focus, often dream-like images, the Holga's easy operation is the perfect way to introduce someone to the world of medium-format photography.

This camera's astounding success has bred an entire line of accessories for it, including two flashes, a cable release, a 35mm panoramic adapter, a fish-eye lens, three sets of special effects filters and a Polaroid film back! Holga: proven success in the past... and undoubtable success in the future.

Holga Holgawood Collection

Holgawood - A new collection of ten Holga 120N cameras based on the Holgawood theme. Each camera is available in a unique color and includes a cool collectable story card to go along with its individual personality.