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Blooze Bros. Holgawood


It's one hundred and six miles to Holgawood, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of smokes, we're wearing black shades, and we've got a Holga plastic camera. One that takes pictures that'll rock you harder than a briefcase full of blues. And we're on a mission from the Big Guy to get one into your hands. In fact, we're so high on this camera, if you want black and white film to shoot with it, we'll throw in the black part for free. So take some advice from a pair of "soul men," and shake your tail feather to pick up the blue Holga today. As they say on the southside, it will earn ya a whole lotta R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Camera Formally Known as Holga Holgawood


Take if U will, a picture... Seriously or just for kicks... Your eye peering through the viewfinder... Rising excitement... As the shutter clicks. Shoot if U can a courtyard... With subjects in brightness and gloom... Make your friends strike curious poses... One shutter speed... One aperture and no zoom. This purple box made of plastic... Delivers a look that's so bold... Digital just cannot touch it... Its pictures are sure something 2 behold... This camera we call the Holga... We think it's simply divine... When U look over your photos... U will party like it's... 1999!

Casablanco Holgawood


Of all the camera shops in the world, she walks into mine. A dame with skin so pearly white she'll break your heart... that's how quickly you'll fall for her. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life. It's easy to see why, pal... when you hold her in your hands, snapping pics of the usual suspects, she just make you want to say, "Shoot it again, Sam". How do you fight a girl like that? ...you don't. So pick her up today, bud. After all, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Commando Holgawood


Strike a blow for photographic freedom! With this rugged, powerful, all-weather reconnaissance tool, you can become an army of one in the struggle to liberate the world from the tyranny of bad pictures! With an intimidating lens barrel that provides plenty of firepower, tank-like construction and stealthy camouflage color scheme, the Commando Holga is a photographic assault of Schwarzeneggarian proportions! So join the few and the proud, and enlist today! The Commando Holga - it's the bomb!

Jawz Holgawood


There is a creature alive today that has preyed upon millions of photographers around the world. A being that has survived for years and years, virtually without change... without pixels... without logic boards. It lives to take pictures, devouring schools of 120 size film. It will seize you mercilessly, drag you into the blackness that is the darkroom, and engulf all of your attention and spare time. It will track down and photograph... anything. It is as if God created a camera and gave it... JAWZ.

Oscar Holgawood


No photo celebrity should be without this 'numero uno' on the A-list of plastic cameras. Why? It's gold, sweetheart... as in Oscar gold, the choice of Denzel, Angelina and Leo. Comfortable on the red carpet as it is on the studio backlot, it's the coolest piece of bling in the VIP section at The Ivy. And, it's so exclusive, you won't even find it on Rodeo Drive... now that's hot. So when you're ready to live the glamorous life and rub elbows with the stars, nominate yourself for the golden Holga... you'll be a shoo-in for Best Picture!

Pretty In Pink Holgawood


A Leica in the hand might be quite continental, But Holgas are a girl's best friend." OMG... it's the ultimate photo accessory that's like, totally rad! Her luscious pink exterior just screams femininity, and she's perfect for customizing with jewels, fur or glitter - whatever your inner diva can think of! Like the obsession of a stampeding mob of relentless paparazzi, once you see all the attention she's bringing you, you'll know you're not just a photographic debutante... you're a photographic SUPERSTAR!

Sunset Blvd Holgawood


Dude, this is the place... Sunset. I mean, check out all the places to shoot while cruising the Strip with the top down. There goes the Whisky, the Rainbow, the Chateau, as the hot late afternoon sun cuts through that gnarly L.A. smog. The traffic is crawling, and as the girls sit in their short skirts sipping their grande double-espresso non-fat decaf lattes, you look around and eye the celebs slipping in and out of their limos for their secret rendezvous. Sunset Blvd., sun burning down, sunburned camera... it's a perfect match!

Twi-lite Zone Holgawood


Submitted for your approval: You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of plastic and film but of a state of mind; a journey into a soft-focus land whose boundaries are that of the frame edges. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between shutter and aperture. This is the dimension of photographic creativity and imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - you've just crossed over, into the Holga Zone.

Yellow Brick Road Holgawood


Listen... can you hear the singing? "...follow the yellow brick Holga. Follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick Holga!" You're definitely not in digital any more Dorothy, when you pick up this little munchkin from somewhere over the rainbow. Whether photographing the Emerald City or a mischievous flying monkey, you'll never want to put this camera down, because of the wonderful things it does... in both black & white and Technicolor! So close your eyes, click your heels and say, "There's no camera like Holga,..."