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Rollei Films and Chemistry
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Welcome to the MACO world of Black & White. We at MACO are specialized in everything for Black & White, from photographic films and papers over to photochemistry and assorted hardware.

Thus you can take advantage of our competence and vast technological knowhow we have gained in all activities towards better solutions for your work.

You are invited to take the opportunity for producing unique and exhibition quality art work.

You want to realize your individual imaginations photographically ?

Your photographic ideas on the most unusual materials? No problem !

With BLACK MAGIC you buy an unique product system, which will make it possible to coat light sensitive photographic emulsions onto almost any kind of surface:

Glass, wood, textile fabric, ceramics, metal, stones, plastics etc. = unlimited creativity

BLACK MAGIC is probably the most comprehensive product system of its kind and thus offers advantageous features:

  • high speed/high silver content thus delivering short exposure times even with large format pictures and exceptionally high maximum density
  • a complete modular system with interchangeable components
  • 3 different emulsions, two graded and one variable contrast emulsion
  • LPE110 and LPE210 excel by high edge sharpness and have a cold image tone due to its silver bromide halides
  • LPE310 features variable contrast control and has a neutral image tone due to its chlorobromide silver halides
  • long shelf life and exceptional archival qualities due to adding a minimum quantity (0.1%) of a powerful fungicide and bactericide (phenol) for long term conservation
  • BLACK MAGIC additive LPE510 is free of formaldehyde and chromium potassium sulfate due to a new formula and acts as a powerful hardener
  • The whole product system is backed up by proven high quality photographic chemistry which will deliver excellent results